Beyonce, the THIQUE CHURCH GIRL, Gets You HEATED and Makes You MOVE to Her SUMMER RENAISSANCE World Tour

Key Takeaways from Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour

7 min readJul 17


I recently had the unexpected pleasure of attending Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour. I was in the right place at the right time with the right people. I will not give away spoilers that may take away from people’s experience, but I will give you the top takeaways.

You Get ALL Beyonce for Nearly Three Hours

Beyonce opened her show. Beyonce closed her show. Beyonce was never off the stage for more than three minutes. Beyonce sang. Beyonce danced. Beyonce told us or signaled that she loved us numerous times throughout the show. Beyonce got close. Beyonce interacted with us. Beyonce gave us personality, impeccable vocals, and stellar entertainment for 2.5 hours. Beyonce Beyonced.

Can you imagine selling out arenas and stadiums all by yourself??!!!? Tens of thousands of people traveling, dressing up, and spending money to see YOU?!!?

The Microphone is ON

There was not one time I thought she was lip-syncing. I usually can catch things like that, but I felt Mrs. Carter sang every note herself. You can tell that Beyonce takes her vocals very seriously and trains like an athlete to give us her best. I was not disappointed at all! Her range in just one song (I won’t tell you which one) is impressive. Her ability to let the crowd sing then pull the mic back and hit a tough note without building up to it is impressive. I will never argue with someone again that Beyonce is not one of our greatest singers. You have to hear her live to understand and appreciate her vocal abilities. She never missed a note.

Beyonce Doesn’t Dance as Intensely

The Beyhive has noticed this already with the European leg of the tour. Well, the U.S. portion is no different. She dances, but not as much and not as intensely as we’re used to seeing. I don’t think it is a lack of ability, I think Beyonce is starting to preserve her body for longevity now that she’s in her 40s. I first noticed this at the On the Run II tour when she did the choreography during Sean…




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