Jay-Z Chose the Wrong Night to Debut Beyonce’s New Music

6 min readFeb 13, 2024
Jay-Z is Playing Chess Not Checkers | Photo by Pixabay

I’m kind of ticked off that Jay-Z debuted Beyonce’s new music Sunday night at the Super Bowl instead of in his “Carters Out” speech at the Grammys the week before.

Why am I ticked off? Why do I put this on Jay-Z? Let’s address it all.

Beyonce Has Had Her Super Bowl Moments

I’m ticked off because Beyonce has had an unprecedented, progressive run at the Super Bowl, marked by a pre-show performance, singing the National Anthem, and TWO Super Bowl halftime performances where she used the second one to promote a tour.

Sunday night was Usher’s night. She’s coming across as spoiled and entitled.

Beyonce had a career milestone halftime show in 2013, but it was the 2016 performance that featured an unprecedented act.

In 2016, Beyonce and Bruno Mars were invited guests to Coldplay’s halftime performance. Beyonce stole the show as she performed her newly released single, Formation, and had a dance battle with Bruno Mars. Formation and its video were released the day before the Super Bowl. Beyonce stole the moment by immediately following the halftime performance with an ad to announce the Formation World Tour.

Beyonce Announced the Formation World Tour at the 2016 Super Bowl

U is for Unproblematic

Usher is well-loved and respected in the R&B community but is often slept on from a mainstream perspective. He is an eight-time Grammy-award-winning artist but has never gotten a chance to walk on the stage to accept an award. As great of a performer he is, and as unproblematic as his career has been, his Super Bowl halftime spotlight was well deserved and well overdue.

I was already disappointed with Usher’s promotion leading to the Super Bowl and thought he deserved better. The ads were sub-par and not attention-grabbing, including the long, drawn-out, stale “Where’s Usher” ad that featured Taraji P. Henson, Ludacris, and Lil Jon. It was poorly written, produced, and executed.

I was disappointed in the timing of Usher’s album release and tour announcement. They both came days…




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