Beyonce is a Thrill Seeker

She Likes the Attention



Woman Surfing Alone in the Massive Ocean | Photo by Jess Loiterton

From jumping off multi-floor yachts into the ocean to dropping a visual album with no promo, it is clear Beyonce likes to challenge her courage, defy the odds, give herself a new accomplishment, and give people something to talk about.

I think that Beyonce enjoys going beyond the limits to prove to herself and others what she is truly capable of achieving. In a narcissistic way, I think she also likes the attention it brings.

How else do you explain a woman, who already faced scrutiny for her Black empowerment video and Super Bowl routine for Formation and who has allegedly been discriminated against at the Grammys, entering the predominantly white Country music genre where so many Black artists face discrimination?

How else do you explain a woman who constantly wears wigs and weaves putting out a hair care line knowing that people, especially Black women and the Beyhive, will go to war over whether or not that’s her hair in the editorials and ads?

Beyonce likes the attention. Beyonce likes to stir the pot.

But while all this is going on, she remains in a bubble where she is not exposed to the madness of her actions. I highly doubt she checks social media, and her assistant only shows her the best or highlights so that her energy remains high and invincible to the public. (Something we should all do.)

She has always been supported by her family and team, which started off as her parents and Destiny’s Child, and now includes her husband and an all-star team of public relations (PR), marketing, and brand professionals to make her every wish their command. She has an audacious confidence to pursue because she has the people around her to uplift her as she does it and those that will bend over backwards to execute it.

Then, she has a fan base that supports her every move and fights for her so that she and her PR don’t have to.

Do you know the ideas I would implement if I had a husband who had my back, a team that will get it done to my liking, and a fan base that was waiting to receive my next endeavor? OMG! I’d be Beyonce, too!

So, with all that in tow, she has decided to do two controversial things at the same…




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