10 Gems from Steve Harvey’s Interview on Club Shay Shay

7 min readMay 18

As Steve Harvey mentioned at the beginning of the interview, he does not do many podcasts (or interviews for that matter). He really doesn’t need to because we feel we know him because we see him daily on tv. As he mentioned in his interview, we invite him into our homes — some of us in our underwear eating sandwiches — so we feel like we know him. He jokingly pointed out the difference between fans’ approach to him versus movie starts like Samuel L. Jackson and Denzel Washington.

However, it is always good to hear Steve talk because he is always going to candidly provide great insight and life principles in his Cleveland, comedic way. Both Steve and Shannon Sharpe, retired NFL player, commentator, and host of Club Shay Shay, are real brothas who will give it to you straight no chaser. It was cool to see Steve give Shannon his props while Shannon asked the right questions, sat back, and let Steve talk — the latter is something even the most prestigious interviewers don’t get right.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday evening listening to these two gentlemen talk life over a glass of cognac. Here’s my take on the top 10 jewels from Shannon’s conversation with Steve.

A Father’s Validation Can Carry a Child to Success

On two pivotal occasions in Steve’s life, his father confirmed and validated his dream.

The first pivotal moment occurred when Steve was in the sixth grade and a teacher “crushed” him for saying he wanted to be on tv in spite of him having a stuttering problem and no one from their area ever making it on tv. The teacher sent a note home for misconduct. Steve’s mother told his father with anticipation of her husband punishing Steve. Steve’s father asked him why he wrote that he wanted to be on tv. Steve replied that he was instructed to write what he wanted to be when he grew up. Steve’s father said, “I don’t see nothing wrong with that..” and instructed his son to read the paper every morning and night. Steve did and kept the paper for many years after his tv success.

The second pivotal occasion occurred when a 26-year-old Steve won amateur night at a small comedy club outside Akron, Ohio. Steve cried the entire 40-minute ride home because he felt he found his…


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